sabato 19 marzo 2011

Anfetaminado! - Friday Night Live, 18th March 2011

Banjo or Freakout I can't Be Mad for Nothing Deerhunter desire LINES Small Black Despicable Dogs Weekend end timeS French Kiss gOlden Sea Hatcham Social so SO happy MakinG Hot Gossip Real MESS Hot Hot Heat TALK to ME New Order KRAFTY Animal Collective paceBONE MGMT flash delirium Verdena scegli ME
The Strokes Hard to Explain The Drums let's GO surfinG The Smiths This Charming Man Melody Club coverGirL The Strokes UNDERcover of DarkneSS The Jesus and Mary Chain SURFIN'usa Ramones ShEEna is a PUNKrocker The Libertines up the BRACKET Wavves king of the BEACH Jay Reatard it ain'T gonna Save mE The Hives Two timing touch and broken bones Smart Cops il Cattivo Tenente The Vaccines wreckin' BAR Primal Scream movin' on UP Shout out Louds onight I have to Leave it (remix) The Pains of Being Pure at Heart heart in YOUR heartbreak Arcade Fire NO cars GO Belle and Sebastian THE boy with the Arab strap New Order TEMPTAIOn Joy Division disordeR The Cure just LIKE heaven Blondie ATOMIC The Rapture whoo alright MGMT kids Passion Pit the Reeling Hot Chip over and over The Stooges no FUN Sonics PSYCHO The Kinks all day and all of the night The Strokes someDAY Ramones blitkrieg BOP The Clash I fought the LAW Talking Heads psycho Killer David Bowie REBEL rebel Roxy Music love IS the drug Blur country House The Smiths There is a Light The Jesus and Mary Chain just like HoneY The Chameleons up the down escalatoR.

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